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The Road to DreamHack

The Road to DreamHack - Injustice 2 Ranbat Tournament @ Next Level Battle Circuit
Duration: 3 Weeks
Dates: June 14, June 21, June 28th

$400 Cash Towards Travel to Atlanta (Flight, etc)
4 Nights Hotel in Atlanta Near Georgia World Congress Center (Room w/ Winner from Tekken7)
Ticket to DreamHack Atlanta
Additional Weekly Bonus Cash Distributions (details below)

Remaining Prize Pool Distributed Weekly:
Matcherino Will Contribute $300/week to Prize Pool
(NOTE: The $300 Matcherino contribution will go towards the "Road to DreamHack" prize and be deducted each week before prizes are distributed)
1st: 35% + 5 Points
2nd: 25% + 4 Points
3rd: 15% + 3 Points
4th: 10% + 2 Points
5th: 5% + 1 Point
5th: 5% + 0 Points

Final "Road to DreamHack" Winner Determined:
Entrant with the most total points earned after 3 weeks will be declared our winner and will go to DreamHack to play Injustice 2, joining our first winner from Tekken7.

For example, an entrant who plays all 3 weeks might earn:
Week 1: 1st Place (5 points)
Week 2: 2nd Place (4 points)
Week 3: 4th Place (2 points)
Total points earned towards winning "Road to Dreamhack Prize": 11 points
** If this is the highest points of any entrant, this person would win the trip to DreamHack **

In case of a tie, the two players with the highest score will play a single Best of Five (Bo5) match to determine the ultimate winner.

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