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Address: 4013 8th Ave, Brooklyn (Map)
Battle for Zendikar Game Day

Time: 6:00 PM
Format: Standard
Entry: $10.00 per person (upon entry, you'll receive a promo)
Prize Pool: (Top players will receive the full art "Radiant Flames" promo)
1st - 8 MTG packs
2nd - 4 MTG packs
3rd and 4th - 2 MTG packs
Minimum of 8+ players for full payout

The information is linked on Facebook:

We've included Mortal Kombat X (Playstation 4) to the line up at Battle Circuit each Wednesday!

The information is linked on Facebook:

Registration @ 11:00pm • Event Begins @ Midnight • Entry Fee: $25.00 • Format: Sealed Deck

Open Dueling - Intro Deck Battles • While Supplies Last • Entry Fee: $15.00 • Format: Sealed Intro Pack Battles

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is added to the line up of Battle Circuit and for this month of June, each week there will be a bonus of $250 dollars added to the pot! We'll also be raffling out prizes during this month also! Stop by the shop and compete and have fun!

Registration: 10:00am -12:00pm (All deck list must be submitted by 11:55am) Tournament begins at 12:00pm (sharp) Entry: $20 Format: Swiss (2/3 games per round), Top cut at top 8 (Single Elimination) Prizes: (Prizes guaranteed at 25+ players) 1st Place: $200 dollars, Next Level T-Shirt. 2nd Place: $100 dollars, Next Level T-Shirt. 3rd & 4th Place: One Cardfight!! Vanguard EN Booster Box of your choice. 5th thru 8th Place: 15 Packs of Cardfight!! Vanguard EN of your choice. Deck Rules: - Only EN cards are permitted during the tournament

Born of the Gods Midnight Prerelease

More information TBA.